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Today, you’ll blues driver pedal find a driver wah pedal on most blues players’ boards. Then Boss introduced the Blues Driver, and created a brilliant all-round pedal that is also very affordable. I opted to keep both. Unfortunately, I don’t think such pedal exists As far as I know, if one is looking for a blues driver driver, there is no substitution with the exception of Keeley Boggles my mind how the Blues Driver never became a popular rebranded clone from blues driver pedal other companies. Follow Marty On Social blues driver pedal Media! The Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is another effects pedal that’s been around a while, which makes it a fertile field to add changes for the better on top of each other throughout its history. Re: Bluesbreaker vs Blues driver the bluesbreaker 2 pedal has 2 modes, clean boost and blues mode, so its a blues od pedal and a clean boost pedal in one and its a very good sounding pedal definutly superior to the boss unit to my ears.

Classic blues guitar tones with tube amp simulation; Warm distortion and overdrive. Can also be used for warm distortion with a higher level of responsiveness than most distortion boxes. The Ibanez Tube blues driver pedal Screamer and Boss Blues Driver are two of the most driver popular and acclaimed overdrive pedals of all time. 1 x Donner Blues Drive guitar effect pedal; 1 x User Manual /TABS.

Special edition Waza Craft pedal delivers the ultimate BOSS tone experience. ) Buddy of mine could be pawning off a fuzz on me in the near future, so I wanted to come here for some more advice. Enjoy our 45-day return policy. The Boss Blues Driver is one of those pedals that everybody has owned or at least played through once. View and Download Boss BD-2 Blues Driver owner&39;s manual online. In fact, blues legends such as Buddy Guy and Joe Bonamassa even have their own signature Dunlop Cry Baby. This mod opens up the tone so your guitar’s natural tone remains pure and articulate.

Do not use the pedal in high temperature, high humidity, or subzero environments. Standard mode captures the classic BD-2 tone while Custom mode delivers new body and sustain. Had a question for the pedal-savvy folks.

Do not use the pedal in the direct sunlight. And whilst there are a number of blues and blues rock guitarists blues driver pedal – blues driver pedal like Jimi Hendrix, Gary Moore and Gary Clark Jr. Boss describe the BD-2 driver as a pedal which is meant to give the type of warm emotive and blues driver pedal overdrive distortion basically reserved for a 30 year old tube, a crunchy yet creamy tone combined with blues guitar. blues driver pedal The Super Phat Mod pedal now has incredible dynamics.

BOSS five-year warranty The BD-2 Blues Driver delivers the creamy, yet crunchy sound associated with great blues guitar. Master blues driver pedal your sound with the Boss Blues Driver. The BD-2 is designed to be more of an overdrive pedal. Controls for Gain, Tone, and overall Level.

Crafted with an ear for highly refined sound, the BD-2W takes the classic Blues Driver grit to a new level with all-discrete analog circuitry. You can hear the sustain in the guitar in the above track. Buy Now: gl/BWQWGJ Here you have the silky blues driver pedal drive sounds of the Boss Blues Driver, a classic pedal beloved by guitarists of every style for its dy. The BD-2 delivers a surprisingly huge variety of subtle to moderate distortion. This popular pedal provides instant access to the kind of warm overdrive and emotive distortion usually reserved for 30-year-old tube amps.

blues driver pedal The ocd might be a slightly better pedal but for the value i think the blues driver is the better option. Nominal Input blues driver pedal Level: -20 dBu. More Blues Driver Pedal images. I’d venture to say blues driver pedal it’s blues driver pedal nearly as popular as the beloved Tube Screamer. -Classic blues driver pedal blues driver pedal "blues" guitar tones with tube amp simulation-Warm distortion and overdrive. The BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal delivers the creamy, yet crunchy sound associated with great blues guitar.

You can get a pretty cheap used blues driver for like 50 60 bucks whereas an ocd will cost a bit more. So whether your flavor of blues is out of the Chicago nightclubs or from down in Texas, we’d definitely recommend placing a great wah-wah into your rig. My blues driver pedal current Blues Driver of choice is actually the new hybrid dual Blues Driver / Angry Charlie - JB-2 Angry Driver pedal - which gives you superb tone-sculpting options by combining the Blues Driver circuit with the JHS Angry Charlie Circuit - both ways blues driver pedal in series and in parallel! This popular pedal provides instant access to the kind of warm blues driver pedal overdrive and emotive distortion usually. Another popular overdrive pedal for the blues is blues driver pedal the Boss Blues Driver. The Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is a relatively inexpensive overdrive pedal featuring high quality Boss construction.

Please keep the manual for future reference. GBWO • 3 years ago. The BOSS BD-2 Blues Driver guitar effects pedal delivers that creamy yet crunchy sound you&39;ve heard countless great blues guitar players call up - and at a great value! While many players like the sound of the stock pedal just fine, many other guitarists like the basic tone blues driver pedal but just want it better—more organic, responsive and dynamic. Classic "blues" guitar tones with tube amp simulation Warm distortion and overdrive. The new clipping section adds sec.

The phrase “transparent overdrive” was born of this design! Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Not since the late Seventies, when the Ibanez Tube Screamer and blues driver pedal Boss OD-1 made their blues driver pedal debut, has a mass-produced overdrive pedal won over the great unwashed and cork-sniffing tone snobs alike. View and Download Boss BD-2 owner&39;s manual online. It is much tamer than its orange cousin the DS-1, but it can put out a fair amount of distortion with blues driver pedal the gain knob cranked up. Both are similar in what they do – they mimic the sound of a tube amp distorting, giving you more sustain and a more aggressive sound that is still responsive to your playing and clear. The Keeley BD-2 is a quality overdrive pedal for all types of blues music, and with its compact size, this pedal travels well and sets up with no hassles. unless of course money is not an issue then i would def go for the ocd. The BD-2 is arguably one of the best Boss pedals right out of the box, and with a few precision adjustments from the Fromel Laboratory, this pedal can rival the best boutique stomp boxes on the market.

It’s very warm and very natural. The BD-2 Blues Driver simulates the sound of a vintage tube amplifier, giving you instant access to timeless tones. Buy your Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Guitar Effects Pedal from Sam Ash and receive the guaranteed lowest price. Its similar to the Ibanez pedal above, but has its own special sound. It is full range and very responsive. – blues driver pedal who have used pedals more extensively to shape their sound, you don’t need a wide variety of different effects or pedals to dial in a killer blues tone.

Please do not dissemble the pedal by yourself. BD-2 music pedal pdf manual download. ** The Blues Driver&39;s great cleanup factor (from the guitar volume knob) is not blues driver pedal affected and neither is the pedal&39;s ability to provide a clean boost with a flat EQ at low Gain settings. Can al Show More.

The BD-2 gives you all the textures you blues driver pedal need to scream, sing, or cry. The Blues Driver responds well to picking dynamics, too. Whether it&39;s on-stage, in the studio or practicing at home, the BD-2 Blues Driver gives you that classic tube amp sound. The BD-2 Blues Driver delivers the creamy, yet crunchy sound associated with great blues guitar. When it comes to Boss overdrive, the BD-2 is my first and only choice. Boss BD-2 Features. Took a good OD pedal and made it great, IMO. Blues Driver BD-2 Prior to the inception blues driver pedal of the Blues Driver, blues driver pedal a lot of blues guitarists relied on boutique, hand-wired guitar pedals.

There are very few overdrives I would choose other than a BD-2, but none of them are "better". Classic "blues" guitar tones with tube amp simulation; Warm distortion blues driver pedal and overdrive. The BD-2 Blues Driver is a compact pedal that gives you the classic, bluesy sound of a vintage tube amp. From country pickin’, to blues and rock wailing, the Phat Mod is the choice for those not wanting the over-refined blues driver pedal sound of a common Screamer. Callfor expert advice.

See more videos for Blues Driver Pedal. Instagram - com/martyschwartz Twitter - com/martyschwartz Facebook - The blues is not really a ‘pedal heavy’ genre. The BD-2 delivers the creamy, slightly crunchy sound associated with great blues guitar. Package included. The blues driver pedal Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is one of the best-sounding overdrive pedals ever made, and modifications to it are entirely unnecessary gilding of the lily. It takes the spirit of Boss&39;s much-loved OD-1 and SD-1, but adds gain, edge and bite to emulate a cooking valve amplifier. (And am glad I did.

I recall the great guitarist Frank Gambale mentioning that he has used this pedal. Strat players often get on well with the Blues Driver, because the pedal tends to gently balance out the Strat’s toppy sound. Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal Distortion & Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal with 1 x Power Supply 2 x Patch Cables blues driver pedal with 12 Pick Variety Pack and Zorro Sounds Pedal Polishing Cloth. The BD-2 Blues Driver delivers the creamy yet crunchy sound associated with great blues guitar. Product Information. BD-2 Blues Driver music pedal pdf manual download. I posted earlier this month about whether it was worth it to keep both a Blues Driver and a TS-9.

The Boss BD-2 Blues driver Driver Pedal gives you the classic, bluesy sound of an overdriven vintage tube amp in a compact pedal.

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